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rawk on
greatest hits


+Bass guitar
+Dr Pepper
+My awesome friends
+Thunderstorms at night
+My car
+Singing in the shower

Yup that pretty much sums me up.

.Judas Be My Guide - Iron Maiden.

Lights out - we live in a world of darkness
No doubt - everythings up for sale
We sleep - all of the world is burning
We pray - to God for a better deal

Nothing is sacred - back then or now
Everythings wasted
Is that all there is?
Can I go now?

Judas my guide
Whispers in the night
Judas my guide

Fight wars - die in a blaze of glory
Come home - meat in plastic sack
Fall down - you better pray to your God for mercy
So kneel - and help the blade cut clean

Nothing is sacred - back then or now
Everythings wasted
Is that all there is?
Is that it now?

I live in the black
I have no guiding light
Im whispering in your dreams...

Judas my guide
Whispers in the night
Judas my guide

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Hey You. [01 Jul 2010|09:45pm]

Well, hello.  My name is Ray and this is my journal, where i'll post my icons and ramblings and other shit like that.  Nothing too personal, as I'm trying to remain anonymous for the most part.  A whole bunch of drama destroyed my last journal, and I'm NOT gonna let that happen again.  Terrible experience.  Ugh I get a headache just remembering it.

Oh yeah, as for my icons... I don't care what you do with them.  No credit or comments are necessary, but appreciated.  Just have fun.  Its not like I can track you down and kill you or anything if you 'steal' them.  Jesus some people are so high strung.  Who cares?  Its a fucking picture that someone colored and resized.  Get over it.  Its not yours anymore if you post it on the internet.

Ok, so have fun.  Don't cause too much trouble.  :]

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Happy Birthday [04 Nov 2006|07:20pm]
The frigid November wind tousled his hair as he slowly pulled a small, cheap card out of his well-worn jeans' pocket.

"I know it's not much," he started, carefully straightening the slightly bent in corners, "But you know how tight money has been lately, especially with those… unexpected expenses."

He turned the card over, his eyes brightening as he reread the cheesy, 50 cent joke emblazoned across the front.

"I just had to get you this card the moment I saw it. As much as you say you hate birthdays, I know you secretly love these witty little cards."

He smiled to himself as he opened the card, revealing the sprawling, sloppily handwritten not inside. He shuffled his feet nervously, attempting to drive the chill from his bones as the cold, grey evening began to settle in around him.

"I wrote a little something inside; you can read it later if you want. I just wanted to stop by, give you a little birthday surprise. Let you know I'm still here for you…"

He stopped abruptly, and pulled a bouquet of one dozen roses from and old paper grocery bag, their red buds bright against the drab winter sky. Then slowly he knelt, and lovingly laid the flowers and card upon a small marble plaque. Reaching out, he carefully tracing the name etched into the cold, dead stone, its letters a dark contrast against the snow white of the polished rock. He paused, and smoothed the card's worn edges once more before returning to his feet.

"I love you, never forget that," he whispered softly, the November wind carrying his words into the twilight as he turned and started the long, lonely trek back home.

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A Matter of Life and Death [06 Sep 2006|02:17pm]
Good Lord, just when I start to think Iron Maiden can't get any better they steal my soul again.

Seriously, I love this album. For once, the lyrics take the spotlight. I haven't heard lyrics like these since "Hallowed be Thy Name". I don't know, I guess this one just really speaks to me. I mean sure, the overall style (esp. the guitars) isn't what they used to be, but they're an evolving band. For real, 20 Number of the Beast like albums would get boring after a while, right?

Well, I'll probably update more about the album later, time for work now though...


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Iron Maiden icons... [13 Aug 2006|10:24am]
Lots of Maiden icons, yessss. I really like these. Tried out a few different styles though.

//Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting //Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I only dream in black and white...Collapse )

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New Layout... [13 Aug 2006|10:23am]
Yup, haven't updated in a while...  wow I don't even know where I left off...

Anyway, NEW LAYOUT!!  :]   Taken from my favorite Iron Maiden picture ever.  SO cute.

Yeah school starts tomarrow and I am pretty bummed out.  At least its my last year...

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Gah... [27 Jul 2006|09:37am]

Haven't updated in a while and thats because, well, I'm not sure how much longer I'm gonna have my job.

Oh well.  Nothin I can do about it anyway....

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Benjamin Breeg [21 Jul 2006|10:56pm]
So I was gone for a week because my parents went out of town and disconnected our cable modem. It sucked, but I had a fun enough time anyway becaaaause....

-I got alot of practicing done on my bass

-I went bowling with Christy and Zach and really really sucked at it.

-I went to play lazer tag with George, James and Co.

-I stayed at Sarah's house and it was like a party all week long. heeeelll yeah


Ok so maybe it's not as good as some of their older stuff, but it SO much better than the shit they play on the radio right now. I'm excited. They MAY tour america this fall.

OMG I have to go to that show.

Speaking of shows... DEF LEPPARD IN 9 DAYS.

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Eeeh. [11 Jul 2006|11:15am]
So. I'm at a great crisis. Do I start saving up for a new amp or new bass? Or should I just wait until Christmas and my birthday and use that extra bonus money? Or do I say screw it and wait until I can find a band that plays decent music to join?

Too many decisions.

On a different note, I am suuuuuuper excited about Iron Maiden's new album A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH that comes out in September. AND Def Leppard is in 19 days. omg.

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A day in the life... [10 Jul 2006|11:42am]
A day in the life of Ray: Rockstar

8:03 AM- Cell phone rings, I wake up just long enough to chuck it across the room before falling back asleep.
8:57 AM- Wake up again.
9:14 AM- Damn can't go back to sleep. Start searching for my cell phone.
9:30 AM- Give up the search and get dressed. Hmmm today feels like an Iron Maiden day. Locate my Eddie shirt and throw it on along with a jean miniskirt.
9:40 AM- Locate cell phone and see that my early morning wake up call was just a wrong number.
9:45 AM- Go down to the kitchen and wonder why no one else is home... Oh wait. Its Sunday. Looks like I missed church again... Start looking for the coffee.
9:51 AM- Can't find the coffee so I settle for a Randalls store brand Dr Pepper. Hey, same effect...
10:10 AM- Decide that since no ones home its a good time to practice with my band (aka my CD player...).
10:15 AM- Get dressed up and kickass with the amp on ELEVEN. \m/
11:11 AM- A commotion downstairs interrupts my five star cover of Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction. Looks like the rest of the clan is home.
11:12 AM- Get yelled at for messing up the house and being too loud.
11:17 AM- Grab another faux Dr Pepper and decide I need another dye job. Hmmm I'm thinkin' black and purple??
11:18 AM- Get up to go find some hair dye.
11:32 AM- Get halfway to WalMart before remembering that I'm still broke. Damn.
11:41 AM- Use my last 2 bucks to buy some real Dr Pepper
11:50 AM- Arrive home and practice bass to some Skid Row.
12:33 PM- Try to tune my bass down a step by ear and totally fuck it up. Not agaaain...
12:45 PM- Finally get the bass back in tune and tune it down using the piano.
12:55 PM- Con my brother into playing some Guns N Roses with me.
2:05 PM- Scrounge up some chips and queso for lunch while watching vH1.
2:35 PM- George calls about a Guitar Center/ Army Surplus store trip later this week. Sweet. I'm game as long as I'm not driving...
3:00 PM- Type some crap into my livejournal
3:21 PM- Decide that Trust by Megadeth is a worthy song to be covered be the great bassist Ray.
3:30 PM- Get yelled at for making too much noise... again.
3:35 PM- Put the bass up and flip through the TV channels while contemplating the future of the human race.
3:36 PM- Decide that all hope for humanity is lost while watching a Judge Judy rerun.
4:59 PM- Get yelled at and told to get off my ass and go to church.
5:06 PM- Start leaving in my Iron Maiden Eddie shirt.
5:07 PM- Get grounded.
5:15 PM- Get changed and leave for church. Joy.
5:32 PM- See George and James and church and spend the rest of mass arguing over which band Jesus loves the most. Decide I'm glad I came after all.
6:45 PM- Spend a few minutes hanging out with George and James after church before heading back home.
7:02 PM- Arrive home and find some dinner.
7:21 PM- Complain about the lack of food in the house.
7:45 PM- Head to the gym.
7:56 PM- Wow that guy on the treadmill is pretty hot. Too bad he's wearing a Green Day shirt....
8:30 PM- Get sick of working out. Go home.
9:05 PM Watch Highlander (the movie).
11:35 PM- Wow. That was interesting....
11:56 PM- Listen to music and air guitar.
12:23 PM- *yawn* time to call it a night...

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They're Red Hot [07 Jul 2006|12:40pm]
8 Red Hot Chili Peppers. Yum. No credit or comments necessary, but very appreciated. Feel free to add on/ alter any of these. Thanks.

//Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting //Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Blood Sugar Baybee...Collapse )

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Welcome to the Jungle... [01 Jul 2006|10:12pm]
Ok first serious batch of icons. Guns N' Roses and Skid Row.

//Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting //Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wanna watch you bleed...Collapse )

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Insomnia... yaay [29 Jun 2006|07:21pm]
[Music: Paradise City - Guns N' Roses]
[Mood: Tired]

Ok. So I always get insomnia starting the 2nd month of summer vacation. And it messes me up pretty bad. So this is just a warning that I may not be making much sense at times. K? Thank you loves.

Oh yes. Why exactly has Livejournal decided to add a 'location' thing to entries. I mean, its obivous you're at your computer, right? WTF!?

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Ressurection [29 Jun 2006|01:50pm]
So I ressurected this journal because I'm bored and I wanna make some icons this summer. And really, whats the fun of making icons if you don't share 'em? Heh. And yes, I deleted all of my old posts. :]

Rock on my friends.


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